Our Mission

“Garage Cultural is a community arts and cultural center in Southwest Detroit. Its mission is to create and operate a self-sustaining hub that will fulfill its vision of providing a variety of artistic outlets, cultural and community events, public arts initiatives, and educational programs to residents and members."


The center serves as an incubator for local artists, educators, organizers, activists, entrepreneurs and youth in the community. Assisting them in pursuing their personal and collective goals as they produce and exhibit in our multipurpose areas, galleries, and mercaditos. 


Garage Cultural is formed through collaborations with several community organizations and members who are committed to coming together to share their strengths and resources. As an organization it is interested in the long-term advancement of artists, entrepreneurs, and youth. 


Southwest Detroit is a diverse community; Garage Cultural seeks to ensure its continued diversity by highlighting the existing culture and encouraging collaborations with new populations in a mutually beneficial manner through its programs and events.

Garage Cultural was founded by Ismael "Bandolero" Duran in November 2011.