Art on the Block - Arte en la Cuadra is a community public art initiative and festival held in Southwest Detroit during the summer months of July and August.

AOB seeks to achieve a significant visual and social impact on the neighborhood by highlighting an array of public spaces and transforming them into a representation of the community’s vision of itself and its hopes for the future.

The festival engages with the community to collaboratively create murals and events that are reflective of its identity, heritage, and overall appreciation for many forms of artistic expression including; art, music, food and culture. By bringing all these components together, and allowing people to play an active part in the creation of something, they learn to take pride not only in themselves and in their roles as positive members of their community, but also in the art that is left for them to “engage” with in their day-to-day lives. 

From murals on local businesses to art in parks, streets and on residential homes, Art on the Block - Arte en la Cuadra is about “coloring our streets” with the same kind of diversity and creativity we see in the people who live and work in the area.

As a community, we believe that when individuals are proud of their surroundings, a natural process of positive self-imaging begins to take place, which ultimately affects the overall safety, empowerment and cohesion of a community.The murals and activities throughout the festival will bring multiple generations together to explore their shared experiences and create a common ground for continued relationship building and connectivity.  

Artist Schedule

Check back regularly for updates to the schedule.

LEDANIA (Colombia): 2600 Newark Viaduct  July 9 - 13.

Thursday July 12th 6:00 pm Block Party @ site. 


CEKIS (Chile): 8065 W Vernor El Carribeno  July 23 - August 1.

Saturday July 28th 4:00 pm Block Party @ site.  


411 Collective (Washington DC): 7635 W Vernor Paul's Pizza August 17 - 26.

Tuesday August 21st 11:00 am Inside Southwest Detroit Lunchbox Livemix 

w/DJ Skipz @ site.  


PAT PERRY (Grand Rapids): 2500 W Vernor Viaduct August 20 - 26.

Wednesday August 29th 5:00 pm Meet & Greet w/Artist and Commemoration @ site. 


Event Schedule

This year we will be bringing an array of artist to connect with our community and youth in an organic way in both our streets and partnering community centers. 

Stop by anytime as we hang out and paint at any of the sites.  

Help us spread the word and if you want to get more involved let us know! 

Thank you.

¡Estamos felices de seguir anunciando instalaciones y eventos de murales para este verano y el festival ARTE EN LA CUADRA - ART ON THE BLOCK en Southwest de Detroit!

Este año vamos a traer una variedad de artistas para conectar con nuestra comunidad y nuestros jóvenes de manera orgánica tanto en nuestras calles como en nuestros centros comunitarios.

Visítenos en cualquier momento para pasar el rato mientras estemos pintando en cualquiera de los sitios.

¡Ayúdenos a correr la voz y si quiere involucrarse más, infórmenos!



This festival is made possible by the generous support of our community and funders:

Community Mural Work in SW:

Click pictures for more details on each instalation.